What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) and When Do You Need One?

Abbreviation VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is created over the already existing network and allows you to unite a few local computers into one network.

However, the main function of the VPN connection is the protection of data.

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Even if you think you have nothing to hide, just remember what sums of money you have in your bank account, what beautiful photos of you there are on the phone, and what messages are there in your chat apps. Do you want anyone to just see your private data or steal it?

When do you need VPN?

This type of connection should be used when you transfer any personal or corporate data that cannot be passed to third parties.

VPN can connect computers that are in one room and the ones that are located in different countries or even on different continents. It’s not free but an efficient solution for protecting data that is transferred inside the network.

A virtual private network creates a special channel for connection. You can transfer any kind of data with the highest probability possible that it will remain unnoticed by third parties.

Usually, the PPTP protocol is used, plus the encryption of the most important information. As a rule, it works between two points that are connected one with another.

If you want to hide the computer’s IP address, VPN can also help you. For example, you can get access to the services of websites that provide limited access to some countries or cities.

You will remain anonymous, thanks to VPN. What the site can find out is the IP address of the VPN server.

However, there’s little chance of discovering you as no logs are ever saved. A virtual network can encrypt not only the information itself but the volume of it.

Practical Use of VPN

Most people have used public WiFi networks at least once. You can see them almost everywhere you go, at the cafes or even on the bus. It’s too tempting to use it. A few people think about personal privacy in these situations.

Have you ever feared that your passwords, photos, and messages could be stolen without permission? The easiest way to avoid it is by using VPN.

To start using this technology, you don’t have to be a pro hacker. In most cases, you will only need a few dollars and your device. There are lots of user-friendly interfaces for little money that you can start using right now.

We don’t recommend using free services because server maintenance requires money, so no one will do it for free or just for fun. If you want to use free clients, be ready to save logs of your activities and other things that cannot guarantee your anonymity.


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