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How To: Easily Unlock Google/Huawei Nexus 6P Bootloader

Nexus 6P is Google’s beast of the year 2015. Though the Nexus lineup has been replaced by Google’s own Pixel lineup of devices. But Nexus 6P is still the best and most favorable device for those who still have it.

If your device has ‘Nexus’ or ‘Pixel’ tag on its back then it’s a sure thing you will unlock its bootloader to play with the root if you haven’t already.

Before you can really start playing with the smartphone, you need to unlock its bootloader. Following are all the steps that you need to follow to unlock Nexus 6P bootloader. Once done, you can root your device, install a custom recovery on it, and enjoy custom ROM builds as they come.

Unlock Google/Huawei Nexus 6P Bootloader


  • Create a backup of your Nexus device.
  • Install Nexus 6P USB drivers.
  • Download and install Android SDK and extract it in android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory.
  • Make sure your Nexus 6P is charged up to at least 80%.


Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock

  • Go to Settings > About Phone.
  • Enable Developer Options by scrolling down to Build Number and tap on it repeatedly until you see a notification informing you that you have enabled Developer Options.
  • Go back to the Developer Options menu > Bootloader Mode.
  • Scroll down and check the Enable OEM Unlock box.
  • Also, enable USB Debugging while you are in the Developer Options menu.

Unlock Bootloader

#1. Now, turn your Nexus 6P off and boot into Fastboot mode by pressing Power + Volume Up + Volume Down keys until you see some text on the screen.

#2. Connect your Nexus 6P to your PC using a USB cable.

#3. Open a command prompt window within android-sdkwindowsplatform-tools directory. You can do so by pressing Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt.

#4. Now check your Fastboot connection with this command:

fastboot devices

If the above command returns your device serial number successfully then you can proceed to the next steps. If not, you need to reinstall your device drivers and restart your PC.

#5. Now run the following command to unlock bootloader:

fastboot oem unlock

Follow the onscreen instructions and confirm bootloader unlocking.

Your Nexus 6P will reboot itself. If not, run the following command to reboot it:

fastboot reboot

That’s all! Once done, you can disconnect the USB cable and start customizing your Nexus 6P.

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