Steam Sale Counter

Valve keeps Steam Sales as a guarded secret. But the dates always slip out before the sales actually happen. Sale information is shared with developers and partners only. Customers are kept from knowing the exact date of the sale because then many would simply wait for the discounts.

CriticEcho's Steam Sale Timer is a beautiful countdown timer which shows the remaining estimated time until the next big Steam Sale and the status of any ongoing sale.

This page keeps track of all the sales offered by Steam including Holiday Sale, Lunar New Year Sale, Summer Sale, Halloween Sale, Winter Sale, and Autumn Sale, etc.

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Steam Sale Schedule

Steam sales have a regular pattern. The exact date just varies by a few days from last year. So, by looking back at Steam sale dates from the previous few years, we can predict the dates of each Steam sale in 2020 and beyond.

  • June 25

    Steam Summer Sale

  • October 29 (Expected)

    Steam Halloween Sale

  • November 24 (Expected)

    Steam Black Friday/Autumn Sale

  • December 17 (Expected)

    Steam Christmas / Winter Sale

How does this Steam Sale Counter work?

As mentioned above, the dates of the upcoming Steal Sales are predicted based on data from the last few years.

The data that is considered to make these predictions consists of:

  • Dates and months in which sales started before
  • Which day of the week the sale usually starts
  • How long the sale usually lasts
  • On what dates or events the sales generally hit
  • Timings are based on the Pacific Standard Time

Additionally, the dates are updated timely when there is an update from any reliable source.

How accurate is this Steam Sale Counter?

This is a page designed for all the gamers out there which will try its best to help you prepare for the upcoming Steam sales.

Please keep in mind that Valve or Steam or any of their sister companies are not involved in the creation of this page.

The dates provided by this page are basically a guess. You can see the status of the prediction by the badges:



Do share this page with all your gaming buddies to keep them updates. Also, don't forget to check out FAQs below.

Steam Sale FAQs

Steam sales usually last for 7 to 14 days.
Once again, nobody except for Steam's employees know for sure. The vague answer to the first question is: probably. The prices of almost all of the games on Steam get reduced for the duration of the big sales, often by 25% or 50%. Exceptions sometimes (but don't always) include games that were very recently released or ones that were very recently part of a smaller sale. Each day of the big sales, Steam picks a bunch of games to reduce even further, calling them the "Daily Deals". Nobody knows which games will get picked or for which days. Typically, these "daily deal" games get reduced by 50%, 60%, 75%, or in rare cases, 80%. In past sales, the majority of the "daily deal" games seem to get the 75% discount.
Once the sales are live, Steam will usually list the end date quite prominently.
Yes! With Steam, once you purchase games (which can be done from Steam's web site, the Steam client, or Steam's mobile apps), they are added to your account, and you can download them whenever, wherever you want. You can even tell Steam to start downloading games to your PC remotely. If you have Steam Guard enabled, however, you may need access to your email to input the security code when you try to log in to the store.
Steam's sales put a lot of load on their servers. Just give it some time, and try again later. Also, don't forget to check the server status on the sidebar. If you're having these issues at the very start or very end of the sale it is par for the course as the store, and product pages are transitioning over for sale, and as the servers are being bombarded by loads and requests by users. Try to clear the download cache.

If you consistently have issues please post in the support thread and/or use this Steam Guide for information and as a troubleshooting tool.