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Why Do You Need Premium Malware Protection For Your PC?

No matter what extent of importance a software holds, the number of premium or paid users is always very less. People usually rely on cracked/pirated software for their computer system. Though, mostly there is no noticeable difference in a licensed version of a software and its cracked version.

But when it comes to the protection of your computer and all your private data, premium antivirus and malware protection software is all you need.

If we compare the ratio of premium virus protection users with cracked version users, then the results will be highly disappointing. Before we discuss the importance of a premium malware protection software, let’s know something about malware and what does an antimalware software do.

What is malware?

Malware or a malicious program can be anything (program or file) that causes harm to a computer system. Malware program alters your data, delete them, reproduce them, corrupt them or even send your private information to its maker. Due to its intrusive properties, malware includes all types of computer threats such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, and also spyware.

A malware is one nasty program, you’ll never want to have in your computer even for free of cost!

Now a small question arises:

How is premium malware protection software different from its cracked version?

Well, just imagine the scenario little deeply. Why would someone give you a software worth $300/year for free? You need to think cleverly. There’s is something hidden that you are not able to see. Ok, let’s see how it’s different:

When someone cracks a software to provide it to others for free of cost, he/she alters the program to steal your private information and send it secretly to the person who cracked it. The reason is quite simple, that person is giving you an expensive software for no money then he/she would absolutely want to get something back for their efforts.

Role of Premium Malware Protection

Using a cracked version of an anti-malware program is, first of all, an illegal act and secondly, it could cause more harm to your privacy, rather than protecting it.

Pirated malware removal tool is the worst protection for a system you will ever get. It seems to be pretty cool to argue with your friend that “Have you paid for this antivirus? I downloaded the same from a torrent site hahaha”. Well, your argument is not valid at all.

A pirated application has its own drawbacks. You will never get the same features set from a hacked program. Mostly hacked programs are modified and come with embedded trojans & registry altering programs within them.

Even the update mechanism of a cracked program is totally different from the official one. A company would never allow an unauthorized program to receive updates from their official channels or a hacker to distribute their premium services without paying them. Therefore, the hacker redirects software’s update source from the official location to his/her own update server.

An antimalware program totally depends on the virus signature database of its vendor. A virus signature database helps the antivirus/antimalware program to identify which program is harmful to your system and which is safe. In a cracked system protection software, the program works on a fake virus definition provided by the hacker. And due to this, there is no assurance if the program will protect you or harm you.

As of today, Kaspersky Network Securities has more than 2 Billion safe items, 1 Billion harmful, and more than 1.5 Billion items still processing in their virus signature database. So by this data you can see how vital a genuine virus signature definition is.

Now another small question arises:

Why should you pay for a security program when its free version is also available?

Here we can say it’s a matter of your opinion. If you want strong security with lots of great add-ons such as internet security or custom firewall, then go with the paid version.

If you are a total internet geek who spends most of his time surfing the web and downloading stuff, then internet protection is highly necessary for you. Internet security protects your system from any kind of unwanted installation of malicious programs such as browser toolbars. It even protects your essential passwords, bank account information from being stolen from your browser while you are entirely unaware of what just happened.

In a nutshell, it’s a matter of perspective of how tight and durable security you need. You are the one who knows the value of your data most, so its protection is in your hands.

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