How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Sony Xperia Devices [Tested]

You have an Xperia device, and suddenly the screen froze. It won’t turn on no matter what you do.

You’ve tried pressing the power button an infinite number of times, but that didn’t fix the problem either.

I had the same issue once. I contacted Sony regarding this, and according to them, this dead screen issue or black screen of death is due to some apps.

But I think it’s because of a hardware or OS issue in some devices since not all the Xperia devices have this issue.

I tried something after doing some research, and it worked for me well.

Disclaimer: It’s not an official fix by Sony. I discovered some of its steps after doing some research online and calling some friends. This trick is not guaranteed to fix your issue. I’m just sharing what worked best for me and many others I know.

So, let’s move forward to fix this issue.

Fix the black screen of death in Xperia devices

  1. Hold down the Volume Up and the Power button for about 10 seconds.
  2. You should feel 3 vibrations. This will turn your phone off.
  3. Wait a couple of seconds, like 20 or so.
  4. Hold down the Power button for about 3 seconds.
  5. This should turn the phone on again, and this time, the screen should start working too!

I hope it worked for you. Please share your experience or feedback below 🙂


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51 thoughts on “How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Sony Xperia Devices [Tested]”

  1. Hi my Sony Xperia Xa it doesnt switch on even though i tried pressing the volume button and the power button,what could be the problem

    • I have a Sony Xperia S2 that had the black screen . I did not know if it was on/off or even charged. Looked at dozens of sites not ONE of them told me a cure. Found it myself!!!!!! Took off the back and saw tiny orange circle that said “off”. Pressed it with a paper clip gently and the second time I did it a few seconds later the phone fired up and back to normal. Hope this helps folks.

      • this doesnt work for me and i have tried it many times. it still turns on but still no display, just a black screen. please help me

        • Try Sony Companion, there is a software repair option in it (follow the wizard). I have the same problem in which hard reset does nothing useful.

          • If your phone won’t switch on, Sony Companion will not work, because the phone has to be connected to your computer AND switched on to link to Companion.

      • My Sony xz3 I flash Rong coustom ROM that can’t boot my phone I hold the power button the green light flashing one time and not come to display and not going to flashing mod only going to fastboot mode and not working the bootloader unlock my device so tell me how I solve that issues

  2. Thanks man. You are a star. Was about to throw away my sony xperia XA. I actually removed the screen protector cz xda page tuned that

  3. omg thank you so much for this tip, I was charging my phone and then it wouldn’t turn on even though it had been plugged in for and hour. I was freaking out. your instructions worked perfectly and I’m not going to have a panic attack now.

  4. Sony Xperia xa2 the screen went off when I finished a call, I plugged it in to charge it was on 8%, all I can get it to do is vibrate and slightly flash I cannot get the screen to illuminate, however I tried to call the device and it rang straight away but I couldn’t answer the call please help how do I access the screen to to solve this problem

    • It’s a matter of time. You’d stomp on the phone in a bit, because the prob will still come up again.
      Sony Xperia phones are BS!

  5. I buy sony xperia m5 dual 2017. Untill now, one of the ways I have used it with earphones (whatever type of earphones cable 3.5mm jack ). this is the best solution I can use to avoid a dark screen during a call. Thankyou

  6. My Xperia L2 has totally died on me for no apparent reason. On a previous occasion, the trick of holding volume up + power worked, but this time nothing happens.

    If I try connecting the phone to my computer, for some reason I hear the ‘Device Connect’ and ‘Device Disconnect’ sounds alternately every few seconds. Nothing useful happens in Windows. Using a different USB port makes no difference, except that on one attempt I got a notification
    Setting up a device
    We’re setting up ‘USB Serial Device (COM5)’.

    I tried using Xperia Companion. But it won’t see my Xperia no matter what I do. Or rather, at the first stage, it alternates between the “Connect your device” and “Your device is locked” status screens. So I try ticking “My device cannot be detected or started, or is a SmartWatch 3” and proceeding from there.

    And when prompted I try connecting the device while holding the volume down key as instructed, but nothing happens. 🙂

    Any further bright ideas?

  7. my phone(sony xperia xz2) wont turn on & i try to charge my phone its charging and display the battery charging color green moving. but the problem, i charge it almost 8 hrs the % of my battery charging is still 0%. Please help me how to fix(Charging but still 0%)

  8. It doenst work my F3212 I already tried it many times I can feel the vibration I think after I followed the instructions it went off and on but it is still black screen 🙁 hoping to fix it since its almost a week that I am not using it.

  9. Hey Ritesh Saini ,

    Great post with effective tips to fix black screen of death in sony xperia. Your each of the suggested steps are clear, easy to understand and follow,
    whereas following these steps will be helpful and will allows several users to sort out the black screen of death issues in sony xperia.

    Truly helpful post for sony-xperia users and thanks for sharing.

  10. My Sony Xperia Z3 Compact shoes the red light when I charge it but it doesn’t want to turn on. It doesn’t even do the vibrations. Xperia Companion doesn’t work too because the phone won’t on or off. The phone isn’t even dead. It is charged but it doesn’t reboot when I do those steps. I tried them a couple of times but still nothing. Do you know how to fix that? If yes then please reply.

    • That’s what was happening to me, but if you follow the instructions above – hold power button and volume up button together for at least 10 seconds – trust me it feels like forever! – then it will work, at least it did for me.
      The phone vibrated and switched on after I released the buttons, rather than as I was holding them – I thought it hadn’t worked too then miraculously it came back on.
      Mine’s an xa1 though

  11. Mine’s dies as well. I pressed the on button and volume, got the three vibrations and red light came on. So I left it and then tried again and there were no vibrations but a green light came on. Any advice? Could it be the battery needs replacing?

  12. hi it’s chai…sony user for almost a decade and now experiencing blackscreen and am so worried..thank you so much for the tip…being fix

  13. Thanks! Finally managed to open up the phone again – I’m relying on it for work and to hotspot my laptop for work at home. Much appreciated!

  14. my sony XA1 is dead, after long time battery out.
    after charged, it cound not turn on, red light is on while connected to the charger.
    when press power+volume up it vibrated and seems to turn on but just lighting under the screen and not fully turn on or even up to where the logo use to comes out. the screen just light up very dim
    any help?

  15. It worked thanks. I think the solitaire games I’ve been playing are causing this cos it happened on my tablet too. Teach me to waste time playing!

  16. Thanks a lot, it worked absolutely on my XZ Premium.
    At the end of an incoming call the screen turned black, and it was impossible by pressing on off button to get rid of the issue.
    I immediately turned to a new phone I had, but with issues regardind data stored on the XZ Premium – I was on the point of flashing the phone (very difficult for the black screen and the impossibility of shutting down and restart the phone without screen, both with Sony Companion and FlashTool) when I found your hint. Everything solved in seconds. Thanks

  17. DOES NOT WORK. if you a have a black screen , but the phone works the only solution is to change che backlight fuse on the motherboard.


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