How to Extract/Export Images from Apple Pages Documents

Recently I received a sponsored article from one of our sponsors, and the article was in .pages format. After fetching the content from the document, when I tried to export the images, I figured out I can’t do it!

I have received posts in Microsoft Word formats so far. There is an easy way to export images from .doc or .docx. All you have to do is to right-click on the images and select Save As.

But in the Pages document, I couldn’t find any option like that. So, how do you export images in Pages documents? There is a simple workaround to this problem.

Export Images from Pages Documents

Earlier versions of Pages saved the documents as packages. You could simply reveal the package contents to find your images. But now it involves a few steps to get things right where you want them.

Follow the simple steps given below:

#1. Open your Pages document.

#2. Then go to File > Advanced > Change File Type > Package

#3. Now save the document and close it.

#4. After that, right-click on the .pages document file.

#5. You should see the option Show Package Contents, click on it.

Show Package Contents Pages

#6. After clicking on it, Finder will reveal the package contents of the document. Then you can easily find the desired images in the Data folder.

Pages Contents

Now just select and copy the image file(s) by pressing CMD + C and paste into the target directory by pressing CMD + V.

Copying is always recommended than moving. Moving the image to a different folder will remove it from the document itself and also break its layout.

You will find two different versions of the same image in the package contents. One will be the original unaltered one with full resolution. The other with the small label in the name is the thumbnail.


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