How to Cancel Pre-Approved JVZoo Subscriptions Permanently

JVZoo is one of the leading online marketplaces for buying and selling services. JVZoo marketplace is full of useful products and services. Both one-time fee and subscription-based products and services are available on JVZoo.

I’ve seen people facing some issues with subscription-based purchases. Sometimes you don’t like the product or simply can’t afford it. So the best way is to contact the seller directly and ask for a refund. Or you can simply file a dispute on PayPal if the seller is not responding.

Either way, it won’t cancel your subscription. You’ll be charged continuously until your subscription period has not ended. One of our readers asked, “How do I cancel my subscription on JVZoo and avoid future payments?”.

Its solution is pretty straightforward. There is no way to cancel your subscription from JVZoo Customer Portal. Then how do you do that?

Steps to Cancel JVZoo Subscription

As you know, JVZoo handles its payments through PayPal (both one-time and subscription-based). That means you have to cancel your subscription from the PayPal account that you used while making your purchase. Follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Log in to your PayPal account and go to settings.

PayPal Settings

Step 2.

Once you are on the Settings page, click on Payments from the menu.

PayPal Payments

Step 3.

It should show all your subscriptions. If it doesn’t show what you are looking for, click on Manage pre-approved payments and proceed to the next step.

PayPal Payments Page

Step 4.

Now this page should show all your pre-approved payments or subscriptions, including JVZoo. If it doesn’t, then click on manage pre-approved payments and proceed to the next step.

Manage Pre-Approved Payments PayPal

Step 5.

Now this page should show all your pre-approved payments and subscriptions. If you still can’t find your JVZoo subscription on this page, then click on pre-approved payment plans and proceed to the next step.

PayPal Subscriptions

Step 6.

This is the final page where you should see your JVZoo subscription if you didn’t find it in any of the steps before. Simply click on your JVZoo subscription on this page.

JVZoo Subscription in PayPal

Step 7.

Finally, a page will open with your JVZoo subscription details. Simply click on Cancel and confirm with Yes.

Cancel JVZoo Subscription

That’s it! You’ll soon receive a confirmation notification from PayPal on your registered email ID.

Hope this helped you 🙂


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2 thoughts on “How to Cancel Pre-Approved JVZoo Subscriptions Permanently”

  1. I believe PayPal has changed the site. When I log into my account and click on the wheel and select “My Profile”, the links you show in Step 2 above, Account, Security, Payments, and Notifications, DO NOT EXIST.

    • Yep same for me. Paypal said they could cancel JVZoo over the phone if I wanted – for some reason the people at Paypal can cancel it (even though we can’t actually see it)!


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